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Our students experience and gain the following:

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Be a Robotics Engineer!
Campers will experience hands-on robotic engineering challenges tailored to their individual skill level.
Skills involving building, problem-solving, and coding will be developed during this week-long camp.

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Minecraft Campers will conquer challenges in multiple subject fields, including but not limited to:
coding / programming - engineering / design - chemistry - circuitry
Campers are given the chance to use something familiar to explore new ideas!

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Code your own game and take it home on a portable game console in this Make-and-Take coding camp!
Campers will learn the basics of video game design, using familiar block-coding. They will help each other by play testing and making recommendations. At the end of the week, campers will take their games home on their own pocket-size console! (console is included in camp fee, see pictures below)

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How we teach

Our lead instructor, Mr. Castrigano, has over 10 years experience facilitating technology camps and clubs for children and young adults.

We make sure that our students become creators, and not just users, when it comes to the technology that they interact with.

We are caring and inspiring, with years of classroom experience in local K-8 schools.
The environment we create is respectful, fun and enriching for all campers.
Our class sizes are kept small, 12 students maximum, and everyone has their own devices and kits to use each day.

Familiar tools like Minecraft, SCRATCH and LEGO; make it easy to get off to a running start.
Unfamiliar tools like MOSS, MakeCode and Python; provide more difficult challenges.
We make sure that each student is getting the most out of their experience and being challenged in proportion to their individual skill level.

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Our Camps and Clubs are offered at the Treehouse Berea, located in charming downtown Berea!

This location is not wheelchair accessible, we may not be able to safely accommadate certain special needs.
Please discuss with us via email or phone if you have any concerns regarding a student.

Camps are offered in a consecutive 5-day form, in the summer.
Clubs meet once weekly, typically over 4 weeks.
We plan to offer
after-school virtual clubs in the near future.

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