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Payments are due at the time of the registration form being submitted.
Please contact us immediately if there are any issues regarding payment.
In order to accommodate as many students as possible, any unpaid registration is forfeited after 48 hours if we have not received any payment or response.

In order to accommodate as many families as possible, the waitlist for a club may be contacted up to 12 days before a club starts to fill any spots that have not yet been paid for.


Waitlist submissions are tracked in the order they are received, and contacted in that same order.
Joining a waitlist for any club does not guarantee a chance to register.
An email will be sent, and a phone call made if desired, if a spot opens up.
After 24 hours with no response, the next submission on the waitlist will be contacted.


If the student/family does not want to continue for the rest of the club's duration, after attending the first meeting of the club, 50% of the original fee will be refunded.
After two meetings of a club, there will not be any refund issued.

If cancelling 10 days or more before a club starts, a full refund will be issued.
If cancelling 9 days or less days before a club starts, a 50% refund will be issued.


All clubs will be extended by one meeting if any previous meetings are cancelled due to weather, etc.


In order to maintain a safe and enriching environment for all students, we have a "3-strike" system for disruptive, destructive and disrespectful behavior.
One verbal warning will be issued for any serious behavior issue, which typically corrects the behavior.
If said behavior continues, the parent/guardian will be contacted.
If the correction must be made again, that is considered the "3rd strike" and the student will be dismissed with no refund issued.
In the case of any violence or other extremely dangerous behavior, parent/guardian will be immediately notified and no refund will be issued. No "strikes system" will be considered.
In our experience, one verbal warning is typically all that is needed!

Please contact us with any questions and/or concerns regarding the policies above.
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