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Minecraft Engineers Club

Coding & Building! Mods & Hacks! Redstone & Chemistry!

Who? ages 8 to 12
When? Wednesdays 5:30pm - 6:30pm
January 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st
$99 per student, limited to 8 students

Coding & Building! Mods & Hacks!
Redstone & Chemistry!

$99 FEE, due at time of signup*
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any registration with an unpaid fee is not complete


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CONFIRMATION: Minecraft Engineers Club - Wednesdays in January 2024, 5:30pm - 6:30pm
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During this 4-week club, students will:
— tackle projects individually and in small groups
— compete in friendly build battles
— discover the value of working in a supportive community
— how to communicate effectively and receive feedback

Students get to connect with other Minecraft enthusiasts and experience collaborative building as they share their work in a constructive environment. Your child will get to experience the advantages of team-oriented exercises as they strengthen their social-emotional skills. We create a project-based exploratory classroom environment that sits at the intersection of learning and playing. After all, kids learn best when they're having fun! The activities in this club will build the following skills/knowledge areas:

1. Problem Solving and running through the "design cycle" (brainstorm-plan-test-make adjustments-repeat)

2. Coding, specifically with scratch-style block code for beginners, Python language for experience students

3. Teamwork! In addition to their own personal projects, students will work in both small and large teams to achieve goals!

What is Redstone?

Similar to electricity, Minecraft’s Redstone is an amazing tool that acts as an interactive power source for your creations. In this club, students will explore Redstone power and build dynamic devices from automatic doors to fully-functioning rail systems.

Students will:
— Apply an engineering mindset towards projects that provide unique challenges
— Learn how to adjust Redstone input and output signals to build simple mechanisms using levers, lights, and buttons.
— Create unique contraptions suitable for a Minecraft secret base like traps, doors, and locks.
— Use different types of clocks to set the time, speed, and precision of your machines.
— Learn how rails interact and function to design a roller coaster for an amusement park.
— Take “screen breaks” and use hands-on circuitry tools to try and replicate what they have built in Minecraft
— Utilize science and chemistry tools that are unique to Minecraft Education Edition

With Redstone in Minecraft Education Edition, students can explore the basics of engineering and how electricity works while they enjoy the game they love!
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